GWS R&D, professional solutions
for professionals in POU water treatment systems

GWS R&D is a team of specialists in point of use water treatment systems with long-standing experience. We take care of the entire process: from design to creation and assembly, to evaluation of best maintenance practices.
Thanks to our know-how built in many years of attempts and achievements in this field we are today able to provide practical and reliable solutions, for both end user and for professionals in charge for installation and maintenance of dispensers.
Our range finds its place in various environments, as domestic sector, offices, but also in restaurants, canteens and cafeterias, with many models to meet any flow request

Who we are
Erogatore GWS R&D

GWS R&D dispensers:
the right solution for every need

The range of water dispenser born in GWS R&D has been designed to provide broad scope solutions for water dispensing in homes, offices and restaurants

Domestic water dispensers by GWS R&D


Dispensers and RO plants both in undercounter and countertop solutions with a modern design
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Office dispensers by GWS R&D


Space-saving freestanding water dispensers and other solutions for offices and work spaces
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Horeca water dispensers by GWS R&D


Easy to install water dispenser with various flow rates for every type of catering business.
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GWS R&D a green company

GWS R&D dispensers, a win-win choice for our planet

ll of the systems produced by GWS R&D work directly connected with water supply. This allows the end user to drink water coming from local sources, reducing the impact on environment of production, transport and disposal of plastic packaging.

Latest news from GWS R&D


GWS Industries now also thinks about good air (as well as water, of course)! There are bacteria in the air too! These proliferate more easily in humid and warm environments. What better place...

At the moment there is no defined energy class for water dispensers, but this does not mean that energy consumption cannot be reduced. The efficiency of the refrigeration circuit is certainly one...

Development is part of our name, our evolution has led us to the development of Horeca dispensers. Our latest product is a machine capable of satisfying a large restaurant, now also available over...

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