In Italy - as in most of Europe - the quality of mains water is regulated by special laws, which guarantee its potability, making it safe and suitable for human consumption. Despite this, many still choose bottled water, which before reaching the shelves of supermarkets must be bottled and obviously transported, an operation that is estimated to cost around 5 liters of water, 320 grams of petrol and 80 grams of carbon for each liter of water packaged and delivered to the retailer.
This cost harmful emissions and dispersion of plastic materials in the environment.

This consumption habit, not particularly justify from an ecological and a practical point of view (think of the weight and size of baskets), is mostly explained by the organoleptic qualities of the water supplied by the aqueduct.
The mains water must be treated upstream of the supply network in order to reach our tap safe and drinkable, however traces of this process still remain perceptible to the taste, in most cases of chlorine.
In summary: tap water is safe but not pleasant.

GWS R&D dispensers were created with the aim of promoting a sustainable style of water consumption, without forcing the end user to deprive himself of the pleasure of drinking without unpleasant aftertastes.
In fact, our dispensers operate with a direct connection to the water mains, improving the organoleptic qualities of the water to ensure quality and safety directly from the tap or from the dispenser itself, in the case of over-the-counter solutions.

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