We are an Italian manufacturer of water dispensers and our history begins with the maintenance of water treatment plants, then continue with their design and arrive, today, at the assembly and production of the devices. GWS R&D is a team of professionals who have many years of experience in the vast world of drinking water.

In addition to plant maintenance, design and assembly, the resources at our disposal have also operated for a long time in the sector of importing treatment devices and components, in product certification and, last but not least, in that of water treatment for human consumption.

These experiences have led companies and institutions to make use of the collaboration of our team members on numerous occasions.
For example, the Ministry of Health has requested our collaboration for drafting the guidelines for the treatment of drinking water, or companies such as Omnipure USA, which has relied on us to certify its products in Europe. De Longhi use our consultancy for develope domestic water dispensers, or with Fluid-o-Tech we have developed a new technology for water carbonation.

Finally, there are numerous technical and refresher courses that our staff has held over the years to adequately train professionals in the sector.
The result of these experiences and the know-how acquired during our professional careers have given rise to a line of dispensers with excellent performance, certified and compliant with Italian and European regulations on materials in contact with food (MOCA), which we have designed without forgetting our origins, starting also and above all from the ease of installation and maintenance.

We've done a lot up to now, but for us this doesn't mean we've lost the desire to improvemand do research. For this reason, our catalogue is always being updated and our dispensers are constantly being perfected, in order to offer an ever more performing product, with the best available technology, and a competitive price.

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